Precision Nutrition2016

Methodologies used:
User Research
Data Visualization
Web Design
User Interface Design

Precision Nutrition has been the home for top nutrition coaches since 2010. They needed a product for their coaches that could not only keep track of the clients’ progress, but also to feature a communication hub and test results. I worked closely with Precision’s Chief of Design, Product Manager, and Director of Development to design an end-to-end solution.

I began by getting a better understand of the business model of Precision Nutrition. From a birdseye view, seeing revenue from both clients and coaches, I could tell this tool would be very important and impactful. Essentially the tool would be for prospect coaches as well as PN coaches both Level 1 & Level 2. I created personas of these users based off real people that were interviewed. I then created a flowchart of how the tool would communicate with the coach and their clients.

The data was based on two things: Precision Nutrition coaching and meal plan, and clients data such as questionnaires, surveys, and profiles. PN clients are defined as those who sign up for the subscription and go through the lessons, habits, and exercises; while coaches track clients progress and get people on these plans (many coaches start out as clients to see how the Precision Nutrition plan works and to test it on themselves first before coaching others). Knowing the data points, I began creating dashboard concepts of what the tool would look like. I created about a dozen wireframe concepts.

After narrowing down the wireframes, a design direction was choosen. There weren't a lot of screen needed for this SaaS tool, so a lot of attention was focused on making sure the client-facing interface corresponded with the coach tool. A responsive design played an important factor in which direction the interface would take. ProCoach also needed to be responsive as well; PN coaches are not just stuck to their desks all day. This tool has also added 75,000 thousand new coaches and clients to the platform since its initial launch.